The E.D.F. Drawing Board

"Official" Yamato/ Star Blazers Schematics: BORODINO CLASS

The first  official  ship  from Yamato

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Hello to all you StarBlazers/ Yamato  fans, Here is the first Official  design  from  the series...The E.D.F.'s  Borodino  Class! ( These ships are better known as Main, or Standard Battleships) And were featured in the second season / story of Space Battleship  Yamato/ StarBlazers. 
 The CAD drawing below was rendered  from many different sources, such as the Yamato Perfect Manual 2, the Voyager Entertainment version of the Perfect Manual, as well as the scale models by Bandai... I have taken every step to insure that this is one of the most  comprehensive versions of the ship currently available. That said, this image is for all you gamers, 3D artists, and other fans looking for a good source  of refference...Enjoy!  And as allways, drop me a line if you have any questions or comments...             B.Rivers


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